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9pm Charlie Don’t Surf (Clash cover band)

February 9, 2018 @ 9:00 pm

$3 cover

Charlie Don’t Surf a tribute to The Clash, is more than a band, it is an instrument of revolution.

No man is an island, and neither is the group, Charlie Don’t Surf does not stand in isolation, it stands with we the people. Freedom for the masses from the back breaking yoke of their oppressive task masters, and justice for all people’s, that is what we are after, hence the tribute to The Clash, because it was and still is,.”the only band that ever really mattered”.
Well comrades, it has been just over a year now, and from very humble beginnings, since Charlie Don’t Surf emerged onto the scene, and took its first beach, live, at The Midway Cafe in JP. Charlie Don’t Surf, and Charlie Don’t Fuck Around neither, no fear, and no regrets, “death or glory” is our creed, there are no secrets.

The message is the key, along with the delivery, that has the power to set minds imprisoned by ignorance free, because ignorance is no crime comrade, the crime comes when you know the truth, and you choose not to take a stand. All around the world, and right hear at home, we the people are made to suffer under threat of the Powers That Be, of wars and rumors of wars, economic collapse, and environmental catastrophe, and even when times are “good”, they’re not so good for we the people, because nothing really changes within the master plan, that being that you work for the Elites, and you do what they say, because you have only one choice, and that is to obey. All of your rights are gone, just like yesterday, I know that you like to think that you still have some left, but the fact is that you don’t comrade, they are all gone.
Now when governments and corporations collude together against the people, this is what you end up with, a world in which the line separating the private and the public interest has been breached, all in the name of safety and security, so much so that it is difficult to see where the limits on corporate interests, promoted at government expense ends, and the public interest as represented by our political “representatives” begins, because our political leaders at every level, along with the entire system itself have become wholly corrupted by power and greed, and as a result, are no longer legitimate, if they ever even were to begin with.

That is where Charlie Don’t Surf a tribute to The Clash comes in, because although at present, the impact of this musical force for truth and justice is limited, the power of the truth delivered at every live performance is proving to be irresistible, to a people, a nation, an underclass of people, who have been tricked and manipulated by the promoters and protectors of the status quo for so long now that it takes a very high volume, and an equally high intensity performance level, to get the real reality through. Charlie Don’t Surf is more than just a band, it is now a firmly established institution operating as an unstoppable force for freedom for all peoples, that does not seek fame ,wealth, or glory for any selfish reasons, because Charlie Don’t Surf a tribute to The Clash is on a mission to deliver one simple message to the people;

Truth + Justice = Freedom.


February 9, 2018
9:00 pm
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